Standard Web Player

This is the player provided by StreamLicensing that is available from the "Listen Live" link at the top of the page. You may need to turn off script blocking to get it to work properly. This large player with the small buttons seems to work best on standard computers and features artwork that corresponds to the artist. With some scripts disabled, the player will look like the link below.

StreamLicensing Launch Page

This is the new launch page provided by StreamLicensing. This page used to offer different ways to listen to the stream, but it has been trimmed down to nothing. The purpose of this help page is to provide different listening options and replace the old launch page.

Direct Stream

The address for the stream is If you input this address into your favorite stream player (VLC, Windows Media or Itunes), you can enjoy the stream without the ads or web player system overhead. This direct address can also be helpful if other launch methods are not operational. If the link does not work with your player, you might want to try


This is the launch page provided by The main advantage of TuneIn is that their platform is more dedicated to supporting the streams on their site. TuneIn has a phone app available and you can even listen to AZ Punk Radio through your Amazon Echo. Just say something like: "Alexa, Please play A Z Punk Radio on TuneIn". Sometimes it trips on the "A Z". You might have to pronounce it "Azz".

StreamLicensing Phone App

Below is a link to the offical StreamLicensing phone app (Android & Apple). I have not tested this and cannot recommend it at this time. I am not a big fan of loading apps, when all that is necessary is a decent web player. I also heard that the phone app can include more ads (images and audio). If any listeners have experience with the phone app, please send feedback to Thanks.

AZPR Player

Below is a link to the AZ Punk Radio Player that is under development. The goal was to create a small player with big buttons that works better on a phone. I designed it around the Muse Player and it features very simple functionality. Unfortunately, the titles are still derived from the StreamLicensing directory and they censor bad words like "sex" and "damned". More development is needed before I utilize it on the front page. Note: On a regular computer, it will start by itself. On a phone, you have to push the play button.