February 8th, 2018

- New music. well.. Old music! I just added multiple albums from artists like Social Distortion, Bad Brains, Adolescents, Cramps, Circle Jerks and TSOL. This last wave of additions also included live music from The Clash, Sex Pistols, Agent Orange and Nirvana (with the Meat Puppets). As far as actual new music.. I added local bands like Skull Drug, We Might Be Wasted, Hobo Bastard, Moment of Ruin and Vices to the Grave.

- Thanks to all of those who have contributed. AZ Punk Radio is a 100% listener supported music stream. There are no interuptions and we don't try to push car insurance down your throat. That has to be worth something to you. Please visit the Donations Page and consider sending us a few bucks. With your support we pay for things like the audio server, royalties for the musicians and maybe some new music for the catalog. If you are in a local band and want to send us some music, please email us at

- If you are having trouble with the Live player (that I am required to use from StreamLicensing), there are other options on the "Help" page. As a shortcut, here is a link to the Mini Player.