- I have some voiceover sessions booked in the studio this weekend. In the coming weeks you should hear a female voice doing announcements on the stream.

- I ordered a few Stray Cat cds and should add that to the stream soon.

- Added some venues to the "Live Music" page and changed some web site functionality. Added some more Bad Religion, Stooges, Misfits and Blondie to the rotation.

- JJCNV's new album, "Mono or Mono" was released 9/26 and is available at More details can be found in this New Times Story.

- I added albums from Bad Religion, D.O.A, Adolescents, Fidlar, Agent Orange, Circle Jerks and JJCNV.

- Version 2.0 of the web site is here. Special thanks to those who donated during the pledge drive. I hope to have a "responsive" version for phones sometime in the next decade. If you have any problems with the site, please email me at