-Version 2.0 of the web site is here. Special thanks to those who donated during the pledge drive. I hope to have a "responsive" version for phones in the next few days. If you have any problems with the site, please email me at

-Shows. The Full Album show has been discontinued. We will be moving the Local Show from Thursday to Friday night (at 8pm). If any tech minded people are interested in doing a one hour dj show, please email me.

-AZPR studio is still torn up. We are working on space improvements that should be done in the next ten days. Unfortunately, this project has taken much longer than anticipated and has made regular stream operation difficult.

-Ascap / StreamLicensing issues continue. SL should have their audit done some time this month. They also made an organizational move to partner with O2. They claim this partnership extends the O2 royalty arrangement to the customers of SL. As they have made claims of coverage in the past, Ascap has quickly shot off emails to counter the claims. Since Ascap has not addressed the O2 agreement, I have written them directly for clarification. If I do not hear back in the next week, I can only assume that AZPR is covered and we will go back to our full play list.

-Thank you for sticking with us during this transition period.