- Happy Holidays all.

- Two music performances on my radar this week. The Descendents (with Pulley and the Flatliners) will be at the Marquee on Friday Dec 15th. Tickets are $30.50 + the $10 parking scam. The show I will be going to is Scorpion v. Tarantula, French Girls, Mission Creeps and Battered Suitcases at the Yucca Tap Room on Saturday December 16th. This show has no cover charge, so make sure to buy some merch directly from the bands. Oh ya.. One other show! Playboy Manbaby is at the Lost Leaf on Friday December 15th.

- I finished studio improvements over Thanksgiving weekend. Aside from sheet rock and paint, I incorporated a new mixer and some audio playback equipment. It is most noticeable during vocal transitions during the live shows (Friday and Sunday night).

- Make sure to tune into the "Something For The Pain Show" every Saturday night at 8pm. Your host Miles McBride always has a great show packed with a wide variety of songs from different genres and time periods. The Local Show plays on Friday night at 8pm and features +60 minutes of local tracks from valley bands like the Father Figures, JJCNV, Venomous Pinks, Scorpion vs. Tarantula and many others. On Sunday night is Ron's show at 8pm. This show changes every week but frequently features themes. Last week was 1/2 NY and 1/2 California influences. Next week?

- I added some new movie clips from Mean Girls, Caddy Shack, Idiocracy, Poltergeist, Shining, Hi Fidelity and others.

- JJCNV's album, "Mono or Mono" was released 9/26 and is available at